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World leaders: Stop the suffering in Syria

To all world leaders:

As concerned citizens from across the world, we call on you to implement a three point plan to save lives and end the suffering of the Syrian people. This means enforcing an aerial exclusion zone over northern and southern Syria to end the indiscriminate bombing of civilians, agreeing on a global humanitarian strategy to meet the needs of refugees in the region and resettle the most needy across the world, and pushing governments that are fuelling and funding the war to the negotiations table. After years of heartbreak and devastation, we need collective global action now to resolve this conflict.

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Russian airstrikes just reportedly killed dozens in Syria, including women and children. Just when we thought things couldn’t get any worse, Russia begins a bombing campaign!

This escalation is really alarming, but Avaaz has a plan to end the suffering:
  1. A global humanitarian plan to meet the needs of refugees in the region, and resettle the most needy across the world.
  2. An aerial exclusion zone to end the indiscriminate bombing, which accounts for two thirds of civilian deaths.
  3. Negotiations between the governments that are fuelling and funding the war.
This three point plan is possible. But Syria is the most challenging crisis of our time, and in order to succeed, we need enormous public pressure on our leaders to act.

Every 15 seconds a Syrian becomes a refugee. It takes roughly that amount of time to join this campaign. Add your name now to the people’s plan for Syria, then share it with everyone -- Avaaz will deliver it to global leaders as they are deciding what to do.

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