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Climate March: Be A Facilitator!

Please tell us a bit more about yourself, (just a couple paragraphs is fine, but feel free to write more) -- why you're feeling this is right for you, and what thoughts and skills you're bringing to the effort. If we get more than one facilitator in a community, we'll use these messages to choose one or two. Thank you!!
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Avaaz is going from online to offline to meet the greatest challenge of our generation -- stopping catastrophic climate change. Each of us walks a "journey within" by which we understand what our paths are in life and what we feel called to do. Great movements and changes are created by thousands of people feeling this kind of inspiration to hope and to help. If you feel this now, use this form to let us know, become a part of the Avaaz team, and your fellow team members will do everything we can to help you empower others to change the world.

To review, the plan for September 21st is:
  • hold marches or rallies in each of our communities
  • deliver a huge petition to our local houses of government, asking our communities to embrace 100% clean energy
  • use a green heart as our unifying symbol
  • take a picture of our event and upload it to be broadcast at the UN climate summit in New York

Please use the form on the right to tell us a bit more about yourself.
Posted: 31 July 2014