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Power the Amazon Rescue

Power the Amazon Rescue

I made the first call, and cried. Then I made a hundred more -- talking to Amazon chiefs and elders throughout the rainforest.

The voices changed, but it was all one story: of earth's most resilient people, passionate guardians of the forest, facing utter devastation by Covid-19. It's killing their elders, their children, mothers, and warriors.

One man was days from any hospital, and his wife was sick. The next time we spoke, she was dead. And yet he couldn't stop to grieve. Too many of his people still needed help.

The scale of the suffering nearly broke me -- but instead, I got to work on a plan.

We've now mapped out the Amazon's most vulnerable communities and what they need to survive. We know where they are, and how we reach them -- and I'm hopeful, because with just one good fundraising response from the Avaaz community, we can save thousands of lives. Medicine, covid tests, urgent food aid -- we can deliver it all.

It's an incredibly ambitious plan, but these people -- the Waorani, the Yanesha, the Kayapó, and dozens more -- they've given all they can to protect their families and the rainforest. Now it's our turn. Donate now and Avaaz will spend every penny we get on this urgent response.