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Days to save the elephants

To the member of the CITES Standing Committee:

Thailand has failed to meet its obligations to protect elephants for almost 10 years, and soon it will be too late. At your meeting on 7 July, pass sanctions on Thailand that force them to shut down their unregulated ivory market. Protect our endangered elephants!

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Days to save the elephants
Ivory poachers recently butchered Satao, one of the world’s largest elephants. They cut off his face and stole his 100 pound tusks after shooting him with a poisoned arrow. At the current rate of killing, elephants may be extinct in 15 years. But if we act now, we can stop this.

Thailand remains the world’s largest market for unregulated ivory despite the government’s repeated promises to clean up its act. Every day, people profit from the death of Satao and other elephants. In just days, the Thai government’s record will be examined at a major international meeting on endangered species. If the committee imposes sanctions, it would cripple the Thai ivory business and save hundreds of elephants; but they're unlikely to do itwithout intense pressure from around the world.

The last time elephants faced this kind of poaching threat, in the 1980s, a massive global outcry forced politicians to intervene to stop the slaughter. If we act now, people power can again stop these incredible animals from being driven to extinction.

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