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Selling our water in secret

To Heads of State represented at the World Water Forum:

We are facing an unprecedented water crisis. Access to safe and sufficient water is a human right -- not a commodity for sale to the highest corporate bidder. As concerned global citizens we call on you to safeguard our most precious natural resource by keeping it out of corporate hands.  

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Selling our water in secret
Right now, corporate lobbyists are in exclusive meetings with government leaders scheming to privatize our water. With global water scarcity reaching crisis levels, corporations are scrambling to buy up our most essential natural resource and sell it back to us at outrageous prices. If we act now, we can stop them.

This week, world leaders, UN agencies and the World Bank are meeting in the south of France to develop global solutions to our desperate water crisis. Corporations hoping to buy water rights have bought seats at the table, but the hefty conference entry fees have kept ordinary citizens out.

Access to water is an essential human right, not a commodity for auction to the highest bidder. Let’s hold our leaders to account. Sign the petition -- when we reach 500,000 signers our call for accountability will be delivered at the conference's front door -- shining a light on the dirty backroom deals to sell our water.


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