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Create the world’s largest marine sanctuary!

To President Putin and other Antarctic Commission leaders:

As citizens from countries around the world, we respectfully call on you to act now to protect Antarctica’s Ross Sea, a precious habitat for whales, penguins and other incredible species and a critical site for scientific research. We urge you to continue your protection of the ocean and sign up to the international plan to turn the Ross Sea into the world’s largest marine protected area. Preserving the world's most pristine waters will be a significant act of global conservation leadership and a powerful opening gesture for The year of Ecology.

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Create the world’s largest marine sanctuary!

There is one almost completely untouched body of water on our planet - a magical place where majestic blue whales, penguins, and mysterious squid roam free.

But this paradise -- the size of Germany, France and the UK combined -- needs our attention.
Hunters have already massacred thousands of endangered whales in Antarctica’s Ross Sea, and now massive industrial fishing fleets want to devastate the area

Twenty-three countries already support the creation of the world’s biggest marine protected area in this pristine ocean. But just one still needs to come on board: Russia.

Russia’s leaders just expanded a huge protected area in the Arctic, and 2017 will be their Year of Ecology. Amazingly, we have a huge chance to persuade them to make history by actively supporting the protection of the Ross Sea at a decision-making summit in Hobart, Australia.

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