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Canada: Our rights, under attack!

To Québec Premier Jean Charest:

We reject Bill 78 as a means for dealing with political dissent. It is unconstitutional and counter to basic Canadian values. We call on you to repeal it immediately and return democratic values of free speech and freedom of assembly to Québec's streets.

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Recent signers

Canada: Our rights, under attack!

Québec Premier Jean Charest just enacted a draconian emergency law restricting the most basic rights of free assembly. The law could turn Canada into an international embarrassment -- making us look more like the Middle Eastern police states the Arab Spring just overthrew -- unless we show the world that Canadians reject this type of outdated suppression.

The emergency law, known as Bill 78, imposes massive fines of up to $125,000 for organizing peaceful protests -- the most basic right of free democracies. And anyone hoping to gather just 50 people must give police 8 hours notice! Legal scholars are uniform in declaring the law unconstitutional, but while we wait for the courts to strike it down, free speech is in jeopardy. Let’s join together and show leaders everywhere Canadians reject this attack on basic rights and that all suppression will bring is a stronger opposition.

Our country's constitutional rights and international reputation are at risk. Join the call and forward to everyone -- if we reach 50,000 signers, Avaaz will erect giant protesters in front of Montreal representatives' offices to bring our national call home to politicians.


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