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Refugees: Hours to contact your MP

After a massive public outcry, Cameron announced yesterday that the UK would resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next five years. But that's not enough. Now we only have hours to get a massive surge of MPs to demand we go further -- the debate in Parliament is today at 12:30!

This weekend alone Germany took in 20,000 people. Syrian children stuck in this horror can’t wait till 2020 for help, they need it now. And Britain must do its part to deal with the crisis on our doorstep, and help relocate those already flooding into Europe.

Avaaz and the British Refugee Council have devised a short policy briefing and recommendations for MPs. Click on the link on the right to send your MP an urgent message - be sure to include this briefing in your message. This tool directly contacts your MP. Please make sure to approve the confirmation email when it comes into your inbox, or it won’t be sent.

You can use the points below to draft your message — but the more personal your message is the better. Talk about why this is important to you. Also, it’s ok to be passionate about the situation but we’ll be more effective if we’re polite.
  • We cannot wait any longer to address the refugee crisis properly. 351,314 people have crossed the Mediterranean so far this year, of which 2,643 are known to have lost their lives.
  • Britain needs to do better. We currently host just 0.6% of the world’s refugees and this weekend Germany took in 20,000 -- the same number Cameron has proposed for Britain in five years!
  • As my MP, I call on you to propose that in Parliament today the following emergency measures are taken:
    • Ramp up the emergency resettlement of the 20,000 Syrians committed to on September 7
    • Pledge to give technical and financial support to EU countries like Greece managing reception of refugees
    • Commit Britain to relocate our fair share of the tens of thousands currently fleeing into Europe

  • Be sure to copy the link to this briefing to your message: