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Petition to President Obama:
Omar Khadr was a child forced into combat in Afghanistan who has been held in Guantanamo Bay for eight years. We urge you to offer him a plea bargain based on time served. Releasing Omar is the humane and correct solution to this case.

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The US is launching a new military tribunal in Guantanamo Bay and unless President Obama acts, the first person to be put on trial will be a Canadian who was only 15 when he was captured in Afghanistan.

Most children that are forced into conflicts around the world are treated in rehabilitation programs, but Omar Khadr has been held in terrifying conditions in Guantanamo for eight years and is now being tried for killing an American soldier. Senior officials at the White House, Justice Department and the Pentagon want President Obama to offer Omar a plea bargain and release him immediately, but powerful military forces want a rapid show trial.

Let's call on Obama to change Omar's fate and halt the plan to legitimize Guantanamo and its tribunal. Sign the urgent petition below and forward it to everyone:

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