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Germany = last hope for the Amazon

To the members of the Bundestag Finance Committee and Development Minister Niebel:

 As concerned citizens, we call on you to save Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park from oil mining destruction by contributing to its preservation fund. Germany's contribution will help preserve the world’s most precious ecological heritage and provide important leadership for global efforts to conserve areas of priceless biodiversity around the world.

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Recent signers

Germany = last hope for the Amazon

Update 14 November: Despite massive support for Yasuni across the German public and parliament, and more than 120.000 signatures to the petition, the budget committee failed to find an agreement on Thursday, leaving the plan to save the world's richest natural treasure in limbo. This is a great disappointment for German politics and worldwide conservation efforts. But governmental negotiations between Ecuador and Germany are scheduled for early 2012, with a chance to achieve some progress on Yasuni then. Let's build an even bigger outcry by then -- sign the petition on the right.
Photo: Ruben Neugebauer

In two days, Germany could help save one of our planet's last pristine natural treasures, the Amazon's Yasuni National Park, from devastating oil-drilling -- but only if we raise our voices now to support a plan for its preservation.

This species-rich rainforest lies atop a gigantic oil reserve. But instead of destroying the area for short-term profits, Ecuador and the United Nations have said they will make it a no drill area if countries help fund Ecuador's development. The Bundestag already approved this innovative initiative, Chancellor Merkel has promised assistance, and funds are already allocated in the budget, but FDP Development Minister Niebel is refusing to award the funding. The final decision lies with the Bundestag’s budget committee -- only a targeted push from us could force the committee to stand up to Niebel and save Yasuni.

The budget committee is meeting on thursday and could finally assign the crucial funds for Yasuni. Let’s urge MPs to back this innovative plan to preserve one of the richest, most beautiful environments on earth and revive Germany's global environmental leadership role. Sign the petition to save Yasuni now -- our voices will be delivered directly to the members of the budget committee in advance of their meeting.

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