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US: Protect the right to abortion

To the US Supreme Court and the US Congress :

As concerned citizens from around the world, we reject the leaked Supreme Court draft majority opinion that would overturn the right to a safe and legal abortion across the US. America has broad influence throughout the world, and we fear this rollback of women's rights could also have far-reaching consequences. We call on you to urgently protect access to abortion in federal law and do everything you can to fight for reproductive rights globally.

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US: Protect the right to abortion
We knew this could happen, but somehow it still doesn’t feel real.

The US Supreme Court looks poised to overturn a historic court ruling that legalises abortion across the nation, according to a draft document leaked overnight.

26 states are likely to ban abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned and experts predict that nearly half of all women of reproductive age in the US -- and even more people who can become pregnant -- could lose abortion access!

This would be the biggest rollback of women’s rights we’ve seen for decades and could have a chilling effect on reproductive rights globally.

We have to stop this, and fast. Once 1 million back this call, we’ll deliver it to Congress and urge legislators to protect access to abortion in federal law and fight for reproductive rights globally -- sign and share now!

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