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Rohingya: Shining a light in the dark seas

To leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council and Muslim nations worldwide :

As citizens deeply concerned for the stranded Rohingya in the Andaman Sea, we urge you to intervene by supporting Malaysia and other South-East Asian countries with the resources needed to rescue the refugees and provide them with aid until a political solution is resolved. It's unacceptable for us to witness a major humanitarian catastrophe happening to fellow Muslims and not act quickly to help them, and we urge Muslim leaders worldwide to rise to the challenge and do everything in their power to ensure the Rohingya are safe.  

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Recent signers

Rohingya: Shining a light in the dark seas

Thousands of Rohingya muslims are stranded at sea right now -- no food, no water, nothing except hope for survival. With each wave that rocks the boat, mothers cling tighter to their children, wondering what will happen next. If we act quickly, we can help save them.

Gulf leaders can shine a light into this darkness. Malaysia could rescue the stranded Rohingya, but it's costly to run these ships and then provide for thousands of refugees. The Gulf has strong ties with Malaysia, and have the financial resources, while also being committed to protecting muslims worldwide. If we create a massive call from across the region for Gulf leaders like Saudi Arabia and the UAE to be humanitarian heroes -- we could get them to act quickly.

With every minute that goes by, families inch closer and closer to death. Sign the urgent petition and share this widely -- let's create a call so big, Gulf leaders will be forced to listen.

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