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Gaza’s last hope!

To global leaders:

As citizens from across the world we are horrified at the violence facing the Palestinian people, and deeply concerned about warnings of genocide from governments and UN experts. We call on you to urgently file a declaration of intervention on the South African-led lawsuit at the International Court of Justice in order to support the case, including provisional measures to stop the war. Doing so could help save tens of thousands of lives and bring an end to this violence.

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Recent signers

Gaza’s last hope!

The South African government just urged the International Court of Justice to order an immediate ceasefire for Gaza, alleging Israel is committing genocide. But Netanyahu's government looks set to fight tooth and nail to delay a decision.

As millions of innocent people trapped in Palestine hold their breath, hoping for a quick verdict, we have an urgent mission: persuade our governments to support South Africa’s push to end the bloodshed.

Wherever you are, whatever your political views, if in the next 24 hours, we, citizens of the world, unite to unleash a cascade of national support to halt the bombing over Gaza, we have a chance to help stop what an expert UN Panel warned could be a “genocide in the making”. It might be the last one.

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