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India-Saudi Arabia: No cosy deals over rape

To India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India's Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj:

The Saudi diplomat accused of rape has fled India and we call on you to ensure that India does not allow this mockery of Indian law and women's rights. We urge you to declare him “persona non grata”, issue an arrest warrant and ensure he faces justice in Saudi Arabia or trial in India, including investigations and prosecutions against all the others involved in the rape.

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Recent signers

India-Saudi Arabia: No cosy deals over rape

The Saudi diplomat accused of raping two women has quietly left India! No questions. No justice. This is outrageous and if we raise an alarm now, we can still make sure we end his diplomatic career until he faces the music.

As a diplomat he enjoys diplomatic immunity -- which means he literally gets away with murder -- or rape in this case. But the Indian government still has options -- by issuing an arrest warrant and calling for him to be tried in Saudi Arabia. If India issues no warrant - technically, he’s even free to come back to India!

Nobody knows if there was a cosy deal allowing this man to make a peaceful exit. But now a massive social media campaign could make India realise that we are serious about justice for rape -- so sign and share this everywhere on Facebook, Twitter and email your friends.

If you are from the media and would like further details about this campaign please get in touch by sending an email to southasia@avaaz.org.

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