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500 year old forest cleared for 3-day event

To the Korean Ministry of the Environment:

We call on you to ensure that Mount Gariwang is protected and not clearcut to make way for an Olympic venue that will be used during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. We call on you to show leadership for environmental protection and ensure that all measures are taken to save the Korean forest that has been protected for over 500 years. We call on you to deny permits to clear old growth forests, which cannot be replaced or restored.

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500 year old forest cleared for 3-day event
We have a choice to make:

Preserve a 500 year old ancient forest, home to four endangered species, 


Clearcut the ancient forest for an Olympic ski competition.

It seems like a no-brainer. And it should be. But right now, Olympic organisers in South Korea are tearing down forest, with trees half a millennia old, to make room for new ski facilities.

It’s short sighted, illogical and worst of all, irreversible. Once that precious forest is gone, it’s gone forever. But we can stop them from clearcutting for an Olympic sized resort. The Korean government has steamrolled through this plan, including rejecting an offer to host some events in Japan to stop the destruction.

The Environment Ministry has never experienced anything like the global outcry that Avaaz can unleash. If we launch an enormous campaign from every country participating in the Winter Olympics, we can shame the Korean authorities into protecting the pristine forest. Click to join and when we reach 1 million signatures, we will take out massive ads in front of the Korean Environment offices and on the subway so that they are overwhelmed by our message and are forced to stop the destruction.

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