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Stop the Insect Apocalypse

To the European Commission, the European Parliament and governments worldwide:

As citizens concerned about the fate of our bees and other crucial pollinators, we call on you to set ambitious goals to phase out the use of all synthetic pesticides, and take urgent measures to restore our habitats. We also urge you to support small, sustainable farming as part of the necessary transition towards an agriculture that allows nature and farmers to thrive in harmony.

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Stop the Insect Apocalypse

Silently, the insect apocalypse keeps unfolding -- billions of bees, butterflies, and other extraordinary tiny creatures are dying off, and the consequences may soon be catastrophic for our crops and fragile ecosystems worldwide.

Agricultural pesticides are among the key culprits. But now the European Union is considering a proposal to cut pesticide use by 2030 that could pave the way for a total phase-out across Europe in 15 years. As a trading superpower, the EU has enormous influence on setting global standards -- and a win here could have ripple effects globally.

But first we must prevent the powerful chemical lobby from wrecking the plan. Avaaz is working with an incredible coalition of environmental groups, farmers, beekeepers, and scientists to bring one million citizen signatures and ensure EU institutions address our demands. Now let's add another million voices from all over the world! 

Your signature will also empower supportive parliamentarians with a massive boost of public support, so they can resist the army of lobbyists, and help save our bees and butterflies from deadly pesticides.

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