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Russia: Save Khimki Forest!

To President Medvedev, the Russian government and the Vinci construction company:

We call on you to immediately halt plans for the construction of a toll highway through the protected Khimki forest, and reroute the project to save this national treasure. We also call on you investigate its illegal sale and hold those responsible to account. The majority of Russian citizens reject this blatant corruption and oppose the destruction off this protected area.

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Recent signers

Russia: Save Khimki Forest!
The Khimki forest is a legally protected national treasure, but in days corrupt officials could have permission to start constructing a highway that will slice right through it.

66% of Russians oppose the project and activists have been risking their lives to defend this ecologically unique forest. They convinced President Medvedev to halt construction and consider an alternate route for the highway, but then corrupt officials sold this breathtaking natural reserve off. As he prepares for the 2012 national elections, Medvedev is sensitive to public opinion, and a national wave of public pressure could be the deciding factor to save the forest.

Now the construction company and the government have just one final agreement to sign before they officially break ground. The brave activists are raising the alarm across the country to call on the President and the construction company to stop this devastation. Sign the petition to reroute the highway -- it will be delivered to the President with bold actions in Moscow:

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