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Save the blue jewel of Siberia

Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, President of Mongolia; Vladimir Putin, President of Russia; Xi Jinping, President of China; Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank:

We, concerned citizens from around the world, call on you to protect the world’s deepest lake from Mongolia's hydro plant construction plants. It’s a short-sighted plan that will destroy the lake and its wildlife without giving Mongolia the energy it needs. We urge you to, instead, fund environmentally-friendly wind farms and solar stations in Mongolia’s Gobi desert -- and stop this environmental disaster before it’s too late.

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Save the blue jewel of Siberia

The world’s deepest lake is about to become a crater. Mongolia wants to construct hydro plants on rivers leading toRussia’s Lake Baikal -- a short-sighted plan that will ruin the lake without giving Mongolia the energy it needs. But, we have a chance to stop the funding the project needs and save the blue jewel of Siberia.

No one wants this...not Russians, not Mongolians, not the world -- just the powerful Mongolian hydro lobby. And we have a moment to stop it -- starting May 21st, the World Bank Inspection Panel will present findings to the Board of Directors on how the project is harmful to the lake and they will make a decision about the plan. The President of the Bank, Dr. Jim Yong Kim, has expressed interest in ensuring energy sustainability in developing countries. We can support the panel and show him that there’s a better way: wind and solar farms in Mongolia’s Gobi desert.

f the World Bank rejects the hydro plan, other potential investors, such as theChinese Export Import Bank is more likely to reject it too.Click to call on Dr. Kim along with the presidents of Mongolia, China, and Russia to protect the landmark-- when our call reaches the depths of Lake Baikal, we’ll deliver the petition straight to the World Bank, as well as the presidents' offices,and make a massive splash in the media:

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