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Save Maldivian Democracy!

To the Tourism Agencies sending tourists to the resorts of the coup leaders in Maldives:

As global citizens concerned about the Maldivian people’s democratic rights, we call on you to stop sending tourists to the resorts owned by coup leaders Gasim Ibrahim and Ahmed Shiyan until they call off their illegitimate Supreme Court action and stop blocking the election process. Given your huge business with them, you have an opportunity to push them and their cohorts to back off their corrupt power play and help ensure democracy returns to the Maldives.

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Save Maldivian Democracy!
The outcome of this small election could be crucial for the critical upcoming global climate negotiations. As President back in 2009 Nasheed was a hero of the Copenhagen climate conference, using the moral might of the Maldives to ensure the world knew climate action would determine whether these tiny islands sink or survive. Now he’s stuck in electoral limbo by a handful of corrupt officials in the Maldives.

Gasim got the Supreme Court to delay the run-off election, claiming there were first-round irregularities, but election inspectors from both the EU & The Commonwealth gave them a clean bill of health.
People suspect that Gasim has most of the Supreme Court in his pocket -- making this gambit a transparent and cynical maneuver. And Gasim’s main partner in this ploy, MP Yameen, is the half-brother of Maldives’ former dictator.

The Maldives may be a tiny nation, but it’s place on the world stage is huge. 
 It’s a country that peacefully brought about democracy and became an inspiration for the world on climate change. Now we have a real chance to stop the coup leaders sabotaging the democratic process -- sign now to hit them where it hurts: 

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