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Bangladesh: No more Rana Plazas

To Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina:

As consumers of clothes made in Bangladesh, we urge you to immediately request Bangladesh’s Supreme Court to lift the restraining order against the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, permitting it to operate for the duration of the agreement until May 2021. Allowing the Accord to continue factory inspections at the current rate will ensure safe workplaces for millions of garment workers.

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Bangladesh: No more Rana Plazas
When the Rana Plaza sweatshop in Bangladesh collapsed, 1,134 people died. Some survivors sawed through their own limbs to escape.

Out of the horror came a ground-breaking compensation and corporate accountability scheme. And for over five years it prevented another heartbreaking disaster. But in days, the Bangladeshi government will kick the Accord out of the country... leaving millions of factory workers at risk of another disaster while working day and night to make clothes for major global brands like H&M, Benetton, and Zara.

That’s where we come in. The Prime Minister won't want a major global scandal right as elections approach -- so let’s make this massive and show the government that the global community is watching. Sign now and we’ll deliver our voices straight to the Prime Minister calling on her to act.

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