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Join the People's Declaration to Save the Amazon

To world leaders:

We, all those who have signed an Avaaz petition in defense of the Amazon forest and its peoples, unite in one single public outcry. As citizens of the world concerned about humanity’s future and moved by love for our Amazon forest, we urge you to adopt vital, science-based protections for the Amazon and its peoples.

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Join the People's Declaration to Save the Amazon

Update- August 9, 2023

Yesterday, the eight governments at the summit released a declaration that acknowledged the tipping point in the Amazon, and made important commitments to safeguard Indigenous rights and recognize Indigenous lands. These victories were propelled by pressure from our community, and our members’ support for Indigenous allies -- including dozens of Avaaz volunteers who showed up to provide support on the ground in Belém. 

But the declaration is dangerously lacking in specific goals for protecting the forest -- and Amazon leaders will need to make concrete commitments to save the Amazon at the UN General Assembly in September and the COP28 global climate summit in November. Let’s keep up the pressure -- add your name to the People’s Declaration now!


My name is Txai Suruí. Just weeks ago, my mother and I were held hostage for five hours by illegal cattle ranchers.

These men see me as their enemy because I have dedicated my life to protecting the forest -- but they don’t realize that I am fighting for them too.

The Amazon, where my people have lived for more than 6,000 years, is close to an ecological tipping point that could turn the forest into a dry wasteland.

If we don’t avert this collapse, it will flood the atmosphere with CO2, parch the Earth, and condemn 10,000 species to extinction. And all of us -- Indigenous peoples, ranchers, people across Brazil and the entire world -- will struggle to survive.

But a window of opportunity remains. Amazon leaders are gathering for a historic summit to defend the rainforest -- and it could actually work, if we can speak louder than the ranchers and convince them to protect 80% of the forest and fully recognize Indigenous lands.

Stand with me now to defend the forest that connects and sustains all of us, and I will deliver our voices straight to leaders at the summit. Add your name now!

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