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Stay strong -- Save the Amazon

To President Evo Morales and President Dilma Rousseff:

As concerned citizens across the globe we call on you to protect the Amazon, the source of oxygen for much of the planet. We stand with the legitimate indigenous land holders of the TIPNIS in their struggle to protect the TIPNIS natural park from deforestation and rampant exploitation. We urge you to comply with the rights and obligations established in Bolivia's Constitution, and look for an alternate route for the destructive Amazon highway that is outside the TIPNIS territory. Your refusal to look for alternate routes would pave the way for great social conflict and the devastation of a protected national park.

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Stay strong -- Save the Amazon

Right now, Bolivia's government is applying enormous pressure on indigenous communities to approve the construction of a mega-highway that would slice through a protected area at the heart of the Amazon -- but these communities are fighting back and we can help them resist. 

Last year we raised our voices in support of these brave indigenous communities and together forced President Morales to sign a law that pledged to preserve the TIPNIS natural park forever. But the government, backed by Brazil and powerful international oil and coca-farming interests, has launched a counter-offensive to overturn the law and is now pushing a flawed consultation process to neutralize the voices of the legitimate land holders and open the area up to rampant exploitation and deforestation

All that the indigenous communities fought for is now under threat, but they are planning another courageous march. If we build a massive regional outcry, we can persuade President Morales and his Brazilian partners to reconsider the project and reroute the highway around the park. Sign the petition on the right to save the Bolivian Amazon and then spread the word -- it will be delivered the offices of Evo Morales and Dilma when we reach 500,000 signatures.

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