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EU: Save the Internet

The consultation is now closed. Send a tweet instead!

Thanks for your interest to take part in this public consultation -- the more of us voice our concerns, the better our impact. Please note that the consultation is now closed. If you still would like your voice heard, please use the buttons at the bottom of the page to send a tweet to BEREC directly to make sure our messages are taken into account!
EU: Save the Internet

Last week, a gang of Telecom giants launched a desperate assault on our Internet. But a public comment period is open right now, and if we flood EU regulators with hundreds of thousands of messages, we can persuade them to stand strong for a free and open Internet in Europe.

We only have days left -- use the tool on the right to send your message.

You can also add your personal thoughts right below the introductory sentence or tweak the whole message -- and always remember: we will have the most impact if we speak from the heart and are positive about what we want to see happen.

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