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US: 24 hours to keep our promise to the planet

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US: 24 hours to keep our promise to the planet

In 24 hours, the most important global talks of our time could collapse unless the US keeps its promise to help the world’s poorest deal with climate change disasters. We already committed to help, but now our government is threatening to backtrack, and it is causing an uproar. These crucial talks are hardly making the news, but if we flood John Kerry with messages now, he will know US citizens are watching and want him to honor our promises, and save the deal. Send an urgent message using the box on the right.

Feel free to use the suggested talking points below to write your message. Please remember to be polite.

Talking points
  • Developing countries need a guarantee of long-term finance to plan to develop in a green way and adapt to the impacts of climate change.
  • The lack of willingness of rich countries to fulfill their promise to meet the $100 bn finance commitments promised 4 years ago is threatening the entire international process at the Warsaw talks and would kill prospects of a deal in Paris in 2015.
  • Poor countries need predictability to know the money is coming. And this isn’t new -- the World Bank gets topped up every ten years, so they know what they can do with the funds available. This is no different.
  • Hilary Clinton promised the $100 bn but the US is pushing back against this, and other countries are using this as an excuse to delay action to cut pollution.

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