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Save the smallest dolphin

To New Zealand PM John Key:

As concerned global citizens, we urge you to use your emergency powers to immediately ban net fishing and mining activities in the Maui's dolphin's home. We commend the public inquiry into the dolphin you have launched, but with only 55 adult dolphins remaining, we must act now. The loss of this unique creature would do untold damage to New Zealand's clean and green international tourist image.

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Save the smallest dolphin
The New Zealand government is poised to push the world's rarest and smallest dolphin into extinction. Only 55 Maui's dolphins exist in the world -- and they're all in New Zealand where, without government protection, fishing and mining will wipe them off the face of the planet. But if we act now, we can save them.

Despite the Maui's dolphin’s precarious status, the New Zealand government continues to allow dolphin-killing net fishing and is considering granting seabed mining licenses in their only habitat. At the same time, they promote a clean and green tourist image to the world that is worth billions.

Responding to domestic outrage, the government opened a public inquiry into the dolphin -- but while they talk, dolphins die. If we bring international pressure to bear, we can force the government to immediately ban net fishing and seabed mining in the Maui’s dolphin’s home. If we get 250,000 signatures, we’ll personally deliver the message to the New Zealand Prime Minster.

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