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Save the world's best bank

To Prime Minister Hasina and foreign aid donors to Bangladesh:

Over the past three decades, Grameen has empowered millions of women and families in Bangladesh to break the shackles of poverty and inspired a worldwide microfinance revolution. You have the power to keep that hope alive. As global citizens, we urge you to stop the government takeover of Grameen Bank, starting with reversing the Grameen Bank Ordinance amendment that allows the government to bypass the people-elected board and handpick who runs the Bank.

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Save the world's best bank
One bank has helped more women out of poverty than any other. But a corrupt government has just seized control of it and this inspirational lifeline for women across Bangladesh and beacon of hope for the world, is at risk, threatening the entire microcredit movement.

The Grameen Bank invented microcredit -- giving tiny loans to millions of women in poverty to build their own small businesses. Together they’ve built the best bank ever -- owned by the women it serves! But now Bangladesh's scandal-ridden government has fired its Nobel Prize winning founder Muhammad Yunus and taken over the bank, all to silence a political rival.

This takeover could break the bank and destroy millions of people's hope for the future of microcredit. But if we all speak up now and make it an international scandal, we could shame the government to back down. Sign the urgent petition to Prime Minister Hasina and share it with everyone now and help end this attack on the most needy.


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