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Australia vs Big Tobacco

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  • I am deeply concerned that the Government is negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement in secret, without public consultation, which undermines the very democratic principles that we all cherish.
  • Foreign corporations should not be able to sue the Australian government in secretive offshore tribunals for introducing progressive laws, just to protect their profit.
  • I don’t want big pharmaceutical companies to be given more powers in Australia, and I don’t want the availability of affordable generic medicines to be reduced.
  • I don’t want Australia’s copyright laws to be re-written in a way that would restrict internet freedom, restrict access to information, and stifle innovation.
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Australia vs Big Tobacco
Australia has the strongest anti-smoking laws in the world. They’re so successful that other countries want to do the same. But Big Tobacco isn’t happy about this -- and the Australian government is about to agree to a deal that lets them trample all over us whenever they want.  

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a US-driven trade pact that that could let companies sue us to get rid of whichever of our hard-fought protections they don’t like. The whole deal is being negotiated in secret, and this weekend Trade Minister Robb is set to agree to rules none of us had a say in. 

But opposition is building in Australia and other countries. The ALP and The Greens have just joined together to demand transparency. Abbott’s team is on the ropes from the Indonesian spying scandal, let’s use this crucial opportunity to stall the talks and stand up for our health -- send a message to Minister Robb now!

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