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Sewol ferry, never again!

To President Park Geun-hye :

As citizens from around the world who are grieving for the lives lost at the Sewol ferry, we call on you to take specific measures to prevent another disaster like this from ever happening again. These include: providing support and compensation for the victims and families; a thorough investigation* by appointing independent counsel and due punishment for those responsible based on the result of such investigation; and specific measures to prevent another disaster. As a leader of the Republic of Korea, we demand that you don’t take the duty to protect its citizens lightly.

*via enactment of a special law  

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Recent signers

Sewol ferry, never again!

One month ago, the world helplessly watched hundreds of people drown to death, many of them high school students on a field trip. The whole country is grieving and angry, but now we can turn our sorrow into action and ensure tragedies like this never happen again.

The crew members who neglected their duty to protect the passengers are to be tried for murder, but this just the tip of the iceberg. The Sewol disaster happened also because ill-advised government policies that fatally relaxed public safety requirements for ferries. But with elections round the corner, we have a unique opportunity to push politicians to right the wrong -- over 1,000 scholars abroad have released a statement holding the government responsible for the disaster, and more than 30,000 citizens gathered at the Chongye square last week in protest.

There is no time to lose -- if enough of us join now, we supercharge this call for action and persuade the government to do what the people of South Korea wants -- to launch a full investigation into the accident and adopt strong measures to prevent future disasters like this. Sign now and share with everyone -- Avaaz will deliver the message through the media and to the government when we reach 50,000 signatures.

**Avaaz is working with a coalition of more than 600 Korean NGOs, People’s Committee for the Sewol Ferry Tragedy to deliver our voices and ensure the authorities respond to the legitimate demands of the families of the victims and the people of South Korea.

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