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PM Cateriano: Save the Sierra del Divisor

To the Prime Minister of Peru, Pedro Cateriano Bellido:

As citizens of the world, we are concerned with the twenty year waiting period to protect Sierra del Divisor - one of the most precious corners of the Amazon forest. We respectfully call on you to immediately designate Sierra del Divisor as a National Park.

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PM Cateriano: Save the Sierra del Divisor

A beautiful, far-flung piece of the Amazonian rainforest is under threat
— vast swathes of untouched land home to jaguars, cougars and a vast range of flora and fauna are at risk of being destroyed by illegal coca growers and loggers. But with a stroke of his pen, the Peruvian Prime Minister could turn it into a National Park and save it.

The bill to protect the forest is on his desk and PM Cateriano is considering signing it right now -- but every hour he doesn’t, this treasure is being destroyed. If he takes a stand against this illegal destruction, his leadership could inspire others to protect the planet and his example will echo down generations. But it’s up to us to make sure he knows that.

Activists in Peru say if Cateriano knows the whole world is supporting him, it will tip him to take action. Environmentalists and indigenous groups have been lobbying for twenty years to get this area protected. Let’s give it a final Avaaz push. Sign the petition, and Avaaz will deliver it directly to the Prime Minister’s office.

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