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Sneak attack on the environment

To all Conservative Members of Parliament and especially those whose ridings will be affected by oil pipelines:

As concerned citizens, we call on you to reject the omnibus budget bill -- Bill C-38, which would seriously compromise the health of our environment by allowing pipelines to be built in ridings across the country, exposing our cherished wilderness to oil spills. This omnibus bill sets a dangerous precedent for our parliamentary democracy and threatens a range of environmental and social protections without allowing for adequate public debate, and we urge you to reject it to preserve our environment and our democracy.  

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Recent signers

Sneak attack on the environment

The Harper government is forcing a massive “budget” bill through Parliament that secretly guts our environmental protection laws and threatens our forests, water and wildlife -- we only have days to help stop this outrageous bill before it passes.

This sneak attack would overhaul our social and environmental laws in one fell swoop, giving Harper’s Cabinet complete discretion to approve oil pipeline projects regardless of their impact on threatened species or water. But a member of Harper's own caucus has threatened to vote against it -- we can create an unprecedented outcry calling on Conservative MPs whose districts would be affected by these pipelines to reject the budget. If just one MP breaks ranks, others could follow.

This week, opposition parties are forcing votes on hundreds of amendments -- let’s support them and show Conservative MPs that the budget is too risky to pass unchanged. When 50,000 Canadians sign, we’ll deliver our voices to key Parliamentarians -- sign the petition and forward to everyone.


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