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Save this snow leopard paradise

Save this snow leopard paradise
High in the Himalayas, one of the world’s most beautiful big cats roams the lonely mountain slopes.

The snow leopard is fighting for its survival on Earth -- but now, in Nepal, one of its most important refuges could have a highway built right through the middle of it! This could be the snow leopard’s last stand -- but two Avaazers have come up with a plan that could save these magical creatures.

They’re working with local community leaders and the Rainforest Trust to buy and protect swathes of land to link up existing snow leopard habitats, that will help create a vast, permanent, conservation corridor for snow leopards and block the road project completely!

But to make it happen, they need funding, and they’re asking for our urgent help. If thousands of us chip in now, we can buy the last remaining pieces of land they need to create this sanctuary for snow leopards. Imagine how proud we would be of this work -- donate what you can, and let’s save the snow leopards, before it’s too late!