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Spain: Kick corrupt politicians out!

To the General Secretaries of Spain's political parties :

Please exclude from your electoral lists all candidates who have been indicted or convicted of serious crimes and offenses involving corruption and act urgently to implement efficient anti-corruption measures. Our votes in the upcoming elections will depend on your action to remove corrupt candidates and clean-up politics in Spain. We want a new era of corruption-free politics in our country.

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Recent signers

Spain: Kick corrupt politicians out!

UPDATE (5 March): Our petition for clean candidate lists was delivered yesterday during the PP convention in Palma and today in the headquarters of PSOE in Madrid. Since Thursday, we've flooded the main parties' offices with phone calls demanding urgent action against corruption. Let's keep going!

This weekend, political parties will announce their candidates list for local and regional elections in May, but the lists could include hundreds of corrupt politicians.

Instead of nominating candidates with a well-known track record of responsible public service, some party leaders are using loopholes in the Electoral Law to include in their lists candidates indicted for bribery, misuse of public funds and other corruption crimes.

We don't have much time. We will deliver the petition directly to the main political party headquarters on Friday, before the parties present their final lists, and to the national media during the electoral campaign. Sign now this urgent petition for clean elections and effective action against corruption, and then spread the word as widely as possible.

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