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Spinneys: Stop abusing your employees!

To Michael Wright, CEO Spinneys:

We call on you to put a swift end to the illegal crackdown on members of the Spinneys Workers Union and reinstate workers fired for exercising their right to speak out against unspeakable company violations. Now is your chance to right your wrongs and address the grievances of a legitimate, legally recognised union before a scandal further jeopardises Spinneys’ prosperity. 

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Recent signers

Spinneys: Stop abusing your employees!
Spinneys workers have stood outnumbered in the face of corruption, violence, and cronyism to form the first private sector union in Lebanon in decades. Now that the state has recognised the union, it’s time for real change -- but only mass solidarity with the workers can bring Spinneys management to the negotiating table.

Public outcry has already helped kill terrible management practices, like refusal to implement minimum wage laws, and making laborers pay Spinneys 5,000 LL a day just to be able to bag groceries. But now the workers' movement is unstoppable. The company is already feeling the burn on their public image and this is our chance to ride that wave and pressure Spinneys to comply with basic workers’ rights. If we reach 15,000 signatures in solidarity with the workers’ union, we will buy billboards in strategic locations around Beirut, shaming CEO Wright for allowing ongoing mistreatment and abuse of his employees.

Only a huge wave of support for the union will make CEO Wright realize that his company can't jerk around their Lebanese employees anymore and finally come to the negotiating table for better workers’ rights. Sign the petition now and share this with everyone.

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