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2009: Let's stop climate catastrophe

2009 is a tipping-point year for the climate: either humanity comes together on a global treaty and a green, low-carbon economy -- or climate talks break down catastrophically. The Avaaz community has proven our impact so far, but we need to massively raise our game next year before the final UN talks in Copenhagen.

Can you donate today so that together, we can tip the balance toward a strong climate deal over the next twelve months? Your contribution will help:
  • organise waves of targeted radio, TV and print campaigns up to Copenhagen
  • run polls across the world to show leaders this is our top priority
  • mass-mobilise the poorest globally who will be most affected, and
  • fund high-level advocacy meetings connecting our voice directly to the negotiations.
If we join together we can win in 2009. Are you with us?

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