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To President Barack Obama and EU leaders:

We urge you to take immediate steps to stop the crackdown against peaceful Egyptian protesters and robustly support their demands for political openness, freedom of expression, presidential term limits and the immediate release of peaceful activists. Citizens around the world are watching your response to this unprecedented democratic awakening.

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Peaceful Egyptians are taking to the streets in unprecedented numbers and bravely facing down riot police, determined to take back their democracy from three decades of repressive rule.

This could be a critical turning point towards freedom for Egypt, and the entire region. The government is responding with tear gas and mass arrests and has shut down the main organising sites like Twitter and Facebook. But internal cracks are beginning to appear -- the Foreign Ministry is supporting the right of peaceful protesters, and the President’s family has fled the country.

The US, Egypt's main ally, has the best chance of persuading President Mubarak to acknowledge the tide has turned, and listen to the Egyptian people.

Let's build a deafening global outcry in support of the courageous Egyptian people, echo their demands, and call for an immediate end to the crackdown. Sign the emergency petition to President Mubarak and forward this message widely.

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