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Why Greece matters for all of us

To German Chancellor Angela Merkel:

We, citizens from Germany and around the world, call on you to stop forcing an austerity package on Greece, and instead move to hold a conference to restructure and reduce Greek debt. Austerity measures have totally failed to deal with the debt, and instead have caused unimaginable pain on Greece’s most vulnerable. Since the cuts, youth unemployment has risen to near 50%, infant mortality has increased by 43 percent, and 4 in 10 children live in poverty. We urge you to change course and put people before banks. This is your responsibility and you can fix it. 

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Why Greece matters for all of us

This week could decide the fate of the Greek people, and of Europe, and the only common sense option isn't on the table. Let's put it there.

Greece has been devastated by austerity - the economy has shrunk by 25% and over 40% of children live in poverty, all supposedly to solve a debt problem has only been made far worse!

The only way out is for German Chancellor Merkel, Greece's largest creditor, to accept that austerity has failed, and change course. Merkel is sensitive to public opinion -- let's flood German media and radio with 1 million of our voices calling for common sense.

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