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Stand with Ukraine

Stand with Ukraine

Putin isn't stopping. His deadly drums of war grow louder every day.

As terrified families hide underground, their daughters, fathers, and even their grandmothers are risking everything to stop his deadly advance.

Hundreds have been killed and one million refugees are on the run. But as Putin puts nuclear weapons on high alert, his vicious war could drag the whole world to the gates of hell.

Putin must be stopped.

Over 2 million of us have joined the Avaaz campaign pushing governments everywhere to stand up for Ukraine -- but we must do more.

Millions of us are getting this email, and if just a tiny fraction donates, we can supercharge our campaign to help end this senseless war. We could help get aid to refugees, support rights defenders and civil society across the region, expose the Kremlin's online propaganda, and power a major advocacy push demanding governments stand up to Putin and protect Ukraine's people.

None of us want this war, but democracy, freedom, and human rights are under attack. Let's take a bold, defiant stand for Ukraine and the world we dream of -- donate what you can now.