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Starbucks says 'No ladies please'

 To Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz:

As global citizens, we are deeply troubled by corporate policies that encourage severe gender discrimination anywhere in the world -- even where it is the cultural norm. We call on you to change your company's policies and stop operating stores that actively discriminate against women, including all stores in Saudi Arabia. Dignity and equality are worth more than a few extra dollars for your brand.

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Starbucks says 'No ladies please'
A Starbucks in Saudi Arabia barred women from entering, hanging a sign in the window reading “Please no entry for ladies, only send in your [male] driver to order.” But right now we can push back and stop Starbucks complicity in Saudi Arabia’s extreme sexism.

Starbucks’ global sales are plateauing, and any slip-ups could significantly impact its share price. Meanwhile, refusing to serve women and segregating them from men -- often into more run-down spaces -- contradicts the company’s commitment to “eliminating discriminatory practices.” If we spur a global backlash in advance of Starbucks’ annual shareholder meeting in just a few weeks, the company will be forced to review its policies.

Let’s raise a million signatures calling on Starbucks to stop operating stores that oppress women -- Avaaz will launch a media and social media firestorm and target Starbucks customers to publicly demand change. Add your voice now.

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