CISPA Action Center

Thanks for signing the petition calling on Facebook, Microsoft and IBM to end their support for CISPA.

Now, use the tools on the right to contact Facebook, IBM and Microsoft directly, urging them again to drop their support for this bill and protect our Internet freedom.

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Sample message: As a concerned customer, I urge you to immediately drop your support for CISPA and block any attempt to allow private corporations and US agencies to spy on Internet users' private information.


Click here to send Mark Zuckerberg a Facebook message

Click here to Tweet directly to Facebook

Or call: (+1) 650-543-4800 and then press "7" to leave a message.


Click here to post on IBM's Facebook page

Click here to Tweet directly to IBM

Or call: (+1) 914-499-1900


Click here to post on Microsoft's Facebook page

Click here to Tweet directly to Microsoft

Or call: (+1) 800-426-9400 and say "personal" to be connected to a representative.