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Zuma: Ban the Lion Trade

To South African President Zuma:

As citizens from around the world with great respect for South Africa and it's magnificent natural heritage, we appeal you to ban the cruel and senseless trade in lion bones and organs, which is encouraging an industry that could drive lions to the brink of extinction. We hope to be able to visit South Africa and support its tourism industry, and would like to recommend travel there to our friends. We hope you can remove the stain of the lion trade from your country's reputation and help us to support you with a clean conscience.

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In South Africa lions are being slaughtered to sell their parts for 'bogus' sex aides. Unless we all speak out now to stop this trade the magnificent wild African lion could be targeted and face extinction.

We know it works -- global public outrage led to a ban on sex aides made with tiger bones. Now, together we can save the lions. South Africa depends on wild lions for tourism -- farming lions and this shocking trade for superstitious remedies is not something the country wants the world to know about.

We have to act now -- the lion bone trade is booming and experts fear that as prices rise, wild lions will also come under attack. Let’s call on South African President Zuma to immediately ban and punish the trade of lion bones. Sign the urgent petition and tell everyone -- when 500,000 of us join this call Avaaz will plaster airports, tourism websites and travel magazines with images of this cruelty.
Posted: 27 June 2012

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