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Egypt: Stop the Mass Execution

To Grand Mufti Shawki Ibrahim Abdel-Karim Allam, Grand Imam of Al-Azhaar Mohamed Ahmed el-Tayeb, and Pope Theodoros II:

We, citizens from across the world, are horrified by the mass death sentence handed down to hundreds of Egyptian citizens in Minya. By all reports the trial has fallen short of the most basic legal standards and we call on you to formally reject this unjust ruling and call for a fair trial. These show trials in Minya set Egypt on a course of great danger and division. As religious leaders, you have a crucial role to play in ensuring a future of freedom, justice and dignity for all Egyptians and that includes the forceful promotion of fair trials and free speech across the country.  

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Egypt: Stop the Mass Execution
Yesterday, a kangaroo court in Egypt sentenced 529 people to death in a lightning ruling after 45 minutes. This is the biggest mass execution ruling this century, but one man can stop the killings.

It was a political show trial -- the 529 are accused of rioting and killing one police officer! The military government is using the firing squad to wipe out the political opposition. But now Egypt’s most important religious figure, Grand Mufti Allam has been given ten days to approve the decision. He the first Egyptian Grand Mufti to be elected by his peers, not appointed by an autocrat. He has a legitimate mandate to be the nation’s moral leader. Let’s create a global plea from people of all religions to provide clemency and block this barbarous ruling.

This is not just about the injustice, and the hundreds of lives and families that will be destroyed. If the world does not speak up against this persecution of political Islam, the consequences for Egypt and the world are beyond dangerous. Sign now to save their lives and stop a spiral of violence -- when one million of us have joined we will deliver our call to the Mufti with a massive white banner calling for compassion.

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