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Gillard: We Want An Inquiry!

To PM Gillard, and all members of Australia's government:

We urgently call on you to launch a comprehensive review of our media laws and hold a full inquiry into Australia media's practices including far-reaching investigations of Rupert Murdoch's News Limited. It's time to protect our privacy and our media, and safeguard our democracy. 

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Gillard: We Want An Inquiry!

Thanks for signing the petition! Now we need to ramp it up. This week, behind closed doors, PM Gillard is being bombarded with Murdoch lobbying to kill the proposed inquiry into Australia’s media. The best way to counter their corporate power is with people power. We know she wants to protect our democracy -- let's give her an avalanche of public support to stand firm. If enough of us ring her office now, we will show we are truly behind her. Please call the PM's office now -- it’ll only take three minutes.

Here is the number for PM Gillard’s office: (02) 6277 7700

And here are some tips on what to say:
  • I believe that there should be an inquiry into Australia’s media, because current regulation doesn’t protect media diversity and safeguard our democracy.
  • News Limited has a stranglehold over public debate and policy, controlling what 70% of Australians read in the news every day. This concentration of power undermines the heart of a democratic society -- the ability of people to access a variety of viewpoints and form their own opinions.
  • I believe we need a “fit and proper person” or public interest test to determine if media acquisitions are in the interest of our society, as the UK is currently doing.
  • Australia needs a balanced privacy law that protects people from invasive and ruthless journalism without stifling free speech or public interest reporting.
Remember to be polite: we’ll be far more convincing if we are reasonable and courteous. After the call share your experience with others across the country in the live chat on the right.