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Nuclear waste in our water?!

To Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne:

As citizens concerned about the safety and protection of our water, we call on you to immediately cancel the plan to construct a dump for nuclear waste next to Lake Huron. The proposed deep geological repository represents an unacceptable danger to the Great Lakes, to our environment and to our health and we urge you to protect the public by cancelling this project.

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Nuclear waste in our water?!
Ontario has tonnes of nuclear waste but nowhere to put it. Now they want to spend a fortune burying the problem next to 40 million people’s drinking water -- but we can still protect our Great Lakes.

The decision to dump heaps of long-lasting radioactive waste right next to Lake Huron is being rammed forward with the help of a few well-lobbied politicians and huge corporate pay-offs but we can still speak up. The Ontario government owns the mega corporation that wants to park this toxic garbage next to our water supply and Premier Wynne is politically vulnerable so a huge outcry could get her to kill the project. Let’s stop the radioactive dump by creating a wave of support for clean water and responsible nuclear policies.

Ontario's nuclear corporation wants to truck its waste through our communities and dump it next to our drinking water. Let's stop this disaster before it happens! Click now to tell Premier Wynne to cancel the project and share widely -- when 100,000 sign we’ll take our message directly to the Premier.

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