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A Child’s Cry: Stop Poisoning Palestine’s Schools

To the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini:

We, the citizens of Palestine, want our children to live a happy and healthy life. Israel’s chemical plant in Tulkarem is spreading toxic smog and waste that is making our children ill. We call on you to impose a ban on the products of these factories to prevent them from entering the EU, Israel’s biggest market, until the plant shuts down its facilities, which are located illegally on Palestinian land.  

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A Child’s Cry: Stop Poisoning Palestine’s Schools

Elementary students at Fatima Al-Zahra’ school are falling ill with respiratory diseases, poisoned with toxic chemicals from Israel’s chemical factories located nearby. But now we have a unique opportunity to get the European Union to act, shut this dirty factory, and save our children.

The pollution emitted by Israel's chemical plants has turned Tulkarem’s eastern palestinian neighborhoods into sick ghost towns. But the Israeli company can only survive if it keeps access to one of its biggest markets, the EU -- this is our best opportunity to stop this poisonous factory. Europe has strict environmental regulations and public and media pressure can persuade key decision-makers to impose a ban on these chemical products, paving the way for the closure of the factory.

There is no time to lose -- the new EU foreign policy chief is sensitive to our plight, and if enough Palestinian voices call on her and other key leaders to ban the import of these chemicals, we can trigger a media storm impossible to ignore. Click below to join and tell everyone - when we reach 10,000 signatures Avaaz will send children from the affected school to deliver the petition directly to EU high level diplomats in front of the media:

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