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End the big brother attack

To President Barack Obama:

As concerned citizens from around the globe, we stand in firm opposition to the vast unchecked surveillance of our private communications undertaken by the US government and done in cooperation with major Internet corporations. We call on you to put an immediate end to the program. 

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End the big brother attack
Our privacy is under attack! The US government has been actively spying on all of us for years and tried to keep it secret. Now it's major news and we can stop it for good.

Code name "PRISM" is a secret program that gave the US government access to email, pictures, videos, audio recordings and tonnes more belonging to people all around the globe. They turned into the world's big brother and hoped no one would find out. But we did and our outcry can force them to stop.

This is the moment to bring back privacy for all of us. Sign the petition call on President Obama to pull the plug on "PRISM" and end the big brother attack.


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