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Send the IRS a message: stop settlement subsidies!

To the Internal Revenue Service:

You should deny tax breaks to individuals and organizations actively supporting the growth and militarization of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which are harming prospects for peace. We call on you to announce an audit of these organizations and an end to their settlement subsidies.

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On March 3, Avaaz submitted the complaint below about The Hebron Fund's tax status to the Internal Revenue Service.

You can use the form on the right to send a message to the IRS about tax exemptions for “charities” that support extremist settlers on the West Bank.

Write your own message to the IRS, using material from the complaint, or some suggested points below.
  • The Hebron Fund helps Israeli settlers push Palestinians off their land and deny them their basic rights. This is not a charitable purpose, and does not deserve a tax subsidy.
  • Settlements sabotage prospects for peace in Israel and Palestine. Violence and criminality by settlers is widespread and well-documented.
  • Tax exemptions for settler groups must stop. With the taxes we collect, we can pay for important priorities at home.

Click here to view the complaint in a new tab.

Click here to see the original petition on this issue.

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