Bring down the shark fin kingpin

To Michael Wu, CEO of Maxim's Caterers Limited:

As an industry leader, Maxim's can help save our seas, by removing blue shark fin from all its menus. Just as Hong Kong consumers have a responsibility to stop supporting the brutal and unsustainable shark finning industry, influential restaurant groups like Maxim's have an equal responsibility to stop selling shark fin soup!

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Posted: 6 March 2018
Every year up to 70 million sharks are butchered alive.Their fins are hacked off for a tasteless soup, then they're thrown back into the ocean to die. Right now we can bring down the shark fin kingpin.

Maxim's is a Mecca of shark fin soup, serving 700,000 customers a day from their Hong Kong restaurants. If Maxim's ends the sale of shark fin, others will be forced to follow, and key species can be saved from extinction.

Local conservationists are starting a new campaign to pile on the pressure -- and a massive global spotlight on the CEO of Maxim's, with a petition and hard-hitting ads in travel magazines and airports, can convince him to act. Join now to stop the assault on this incredible animal that's critical to healthy ocean ecosystems.

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