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Stop the deal before Monsanto uncorks the champagne!

To all the governments negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement:

As concerned global citizens, we call on you to make the TPP process transparent and accountable to all, and to reject any plans that limit our governments' power to regulate in the public interest. The TPP is a threat to democracy, undermining national sovereignty, workers' rights, environmental protections and Internet freedom. We urge you to reject this corporate takeover. 

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Twelve governments are about to agree to a trade deal that would attack our right to free internet, to label GMO food, and would even allow cigarette companies to sue governments and overturn laws protecting our health. It’s almost too crazy to be true, and we’ve only just got time to stop it.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) would hand Monsanto and Co the keys to all our democracies on a silver platter. The deal can only pass if all countries agree, but with just days until Ministers meet to seal the deal, three countries are still unsure whether to sign up. If we can urgently put the wind in their backs and persuade them to be heroes, we could suspend this Corporate Death Star.

On Friday trade ministers head to Singapore to hammer out an agreement. Bluntly put we have three days to send Chile, New Zealand and Australia our massive support from across the world and save our democracies. Sign the urgent petition and share with everyone -- let's help stop this deal before Monsanto starts uncorking the champagne.

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