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Stop the badger slaughter

Mark Spencer, Minister of State for Food, Farming and Fisheries, and all Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs officials::

The badger cull has been a failure. Hundreds of thousands of animals slaughtered and tens of millions of pounds wasted have done nothing to tackle bovine TB. It’s time for a different approach - we urge you to scrap the badger cull and abandon plans to expand it.

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Stop the badger slaughter

Image: Carine06 on Flickr

Hundreds of thousands of badgers slaughtered across England - for nothing. And now the UK government wants to expand this senseless, cruel cull to exterminate badgers entirely in some areas. They claim it is to reduce tuberculosis in cattle - but despite millions thrown at killing our furry friends, it’s done nothing to actually reduce the disease.

In fact, in Scotland - where there is no cull, and the government has taken other measures - bovine tuberculosis has been eradicated altogether. And yet, despite the cruelty, the slaughter, and the waste, the UK government isn’t just planning to carry on with the cull - they’re planning to expand it.

Experts are equal parts baffled and outraged by the proposals, but the government already ignored the experts when they introduced the cull in the first place, and they’re set to ignore them again. We need to send them a message, from hundreds of thousands of members of the public, that’s so huge that they can’t ignore it.

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