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Hours to stop the killing trade!

Let's pile on the pressure to US President Obama:

Use these talking points in your messages and calls :

  • The world wants an Arms Trade Treaty agreed now that prevents weapons getting to those responsible for genocide and crimes against humanity.
  • Every minute of every day, guns kill an innocent person. The US must now put saving lives before arms deal profits.
  • The US must not water it down with loopholes that exclude the sale of ammunition, or allow gifts to brutal regimes.
  • The US must play a leadership role to ensure strong, effective rules are agreed and all governments are requested to report publicly on sales.
  • A strong agreement would be part of President Obama's lasting legacy.

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call Call the White House +1 202-456-1111
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The phone line is open from 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time

Hours to stop the killing trade!
Every minute of every day, guns kill someone's mother, child, or dear friend. Right now our governments are in final talks to agree on a global treaty to ban selling weapons to those that commit genocide. But with just 24 hours to go, the US is blocking the deal.

We have trade treaties on everything from apples to ipods, but unbelievably there are no global regulations on arms deals. Most countries are pushing for a strong agreement right now to keep guns from despots, child soldiers and drug mafias. But behind closed doors the US is trying to slip crazy loopholes into the deal, putting arms dealers' profits before saving lives! If we flood the US with messages from around the world now, we will expose their deadly dealings and could convince President Obama to back down.

We only have 24 hours until the negotiations wrap up. Use the tools on the right to flood the US with emails, facebook messages, tweets and phone calls now and tell them to stop the killing trade!


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